Another day down! I always love reading through Exodus and appreciating just how far stamping your feet and resisting God's will for your life will get you. In Pharaoh's case his hardened heart was to God's purpose and led to the freedom of Israel and the near annihilation of Egypt. In Moses' case his defiance against God's calling leads him to a near death experience with God's wrath, and he ends up going anyway despite initial protest. Finally the nation of Israel's moaning and groaning despite seeing what they had just seen. This story always reminds to stop, listen and see if and where I have said "No!" to God in my life and to look at the results that can produce.

Galatians is always an amazing reminder that not only is it futile to resist God, but Christ was sent to set his people free, to give us the ability to choose God and serve him with the fruit of the Spirit. How amazing that God removes all reason to oppose Him. To fight Him causes frustration, failure, and in some cases fatality. But to choose Him produces life, and life abundant. Not much of a choice huh?

For today we are going to do a duo from the NT! Luke and Acts are made for each other as a fantastic 2 part tale of Christ and the early church, so what better way to enjoy them then in that order. Enjoy the read and I would love to hear your thoughts from Exodus, Amos, or Galatians below!