It has been a while but I am back on the horse. It's not that I got bucked perse just decided to stop writing for a while. We are going to continue the study on fear for the rest of April and then May will be a month where we look at different Church Governments from within scripture and in todays church and come to an understand of where the differences stem from.

Today we are looking at the sole instance of fear in 1 Corinthians( 1Cor 2<--Read it first!).This passage is a great one where Paul opens his letter in a state of humility. The passage reads as an introduction. Paul is reminiscing about his visit to the church of Corinth and reminding them of some seemingly forgotten matters about his visit.

He reminds them that he came them "in weakness, in fear and in much trembling". Paul did not ride into town on massive beast of a war horse waging war on the non believers of Corinth. He came in and approached them and spoke to them in a timid and small voice. We know that Paul has military background and in many occasions speaks boldly of the Gospel given to him so there must be a reason for him to speak in the manner he is currently suggesting. I think the next passage outlines the neccessity for the weakness and fear and trembling.

In the previous passages we have studied we see how fear when used correctly can put God in the centre and remove us from centre stage. In this passage Paul is saying just that. He is letting them know that he was not a bastion of strength or a pillar of bravado delivering the teaching with eloquence and wisdom. Rather Paul reminds them of how utterly incapable he was and that the only way they received a message was through him by the Holy Spirit rather than from him. The purpose in reminding them that he had nothing to do with the message they received was to place God back in the centre where he belongs.

Paul uses an emotion that the church can relate to, fear, in order to demonstrate that he is and was incapable of delivering any wisdom of meaning were it not for the Grace and place of God. How many of us when we share the Gospel do so from a position of fear or weakness? Is that a way. Your fear of doing say makes it that much more obvious that you are not the one speaking, God is.  People can relate to the emotion of fear and can appreciate what it looks like to do something you might be fearful of. Rest assured your fear is sign later that it wasn't you sharing the Gospel but the Spirit working through you. Blessings!