• Day 2: I don't, can't, won't ....fine.

    Another day down! I always love reading through Exodus and appreciating just how far stamping your feet and resisting God's will for your life will get you. In Pharaoh's case his hardened heart was to God's purpose and led to the freedom of Israel and the near annihilation of Egypt. In Moses' case his defiance against God's calling leads him to a near death experience with God's wrath, and he ends up going anyway despite initial protest. Finally the nation of Israel's moaning and groaning despite seeing what they had just seen. This story always reminds to stop, listen and see if and where I have said "No!" to God in my life and to look at the results that can produce.

    Galatians is always an amazing reminder that not only is it futile to resist God, but Christ was sent to set his people free, to give us the ability to choose God and serve him with the fruit of the Spirit. How amazing that God removes all reason to oppose Him. To fight Him causes frustration, failure, and in some cases fatality. But to choose Him produces life, and life abundant. Not much of a choice huh?

    For today we are going to do a duo from the NT! Luke and Acts are made for each other as a fantastic 2 part tale of Christ and the early church, so what better way to enjoy them then in that order. Enjoy the read and I would love to hear your thoughts from Exodus, Amos, or Galatians below!

  • Day 1: In the beginning....

    So Day 1 is down and we are off and running. It was great reading through Genesis again. Reading through this time I had an appreciation for God's understanding He shows us through our sinful ways. Also Jacob didn't come off as the trickster he is so often made out to be and I was blown away at the childbearing feud that gave birth to the tribes of Israel. Micah was a great reminder that God can bring the hammer down, He has in the past and He will again. Last but not least James is always a great reminder that faith in Christ is not dependant on good works but by nature will produce good works. Good works like a desire to be in God's word daily!

    So without further ado today were are going for a stroll through Exodus with Moses, we're going to take a listen to some prophecy from Amos, and read a great letter written to the Galatians! If you are reading along I would love to hear your thoughts, revelations, and questions. Have a great day!

  • What Better Way To Celebrate?

    It has been a while since a new post has been put out. For those of you who are not aware July 1st is the day that we Canadian's celebrate the birth of our country. There are many amazing things that come along with being Canadian but perhaps one of the greatest things (that we too often take for granted) is our ability to practice our faith freely without persecution. In celebration of this I have decided to dedicate the month of July to reading through the entire bible. Each day will be a journey as this is much faster then the 60 day read through the blog did last year. Today we are going to start of with Genesis, Micah, and James! As always I encourage those of you who are up to it to read along and take up the 31 day challenge. We all have busy days and busy lives but this simple way of celebrating our faith and our ability to practice it freely is a blessing and worthwhile undertaking if you can manage it. Feel free to follow along read what you can and comment on the reading!

  • When death dies...

    return, I am back

    I was convicted this morning to come back to my blog after a time away. I don't know what its going to look like or be but I will be in scripture and probably tossing out some thoughts on the world around us as well. Its Sunday though and I am off to church so for now....Gungor.



  • A Guest Speaker

    I know it has been a while so I wanted to send something your way. So conveniently Pastor Mark Driscoll has offered a brief vignette on how he teaches regarding fear at Mars Hill. This will be an encouraging sermon to conque the fear in your life that is holding you back. Enjoy!

  • Fear Relates

    It has been a while but I am back on the horse. It's not that I got bucked perse just decided to stop writing for a while. We are going to continue the study on fear for the rest of April and then May will be a month where we look at different Church Governments from within scripture and in todays church and come to an understand of where the differences stem from.

    Today we are looking at the sole instance of fear in 1 Corinthians( 1Cor 2<--Read it first!).This passage is a great one where Paul opens his letter in a state of humility. The passage reads as an introduction. Paul is reminiscing about his visit to the church of Corinth and reminding them of some seemingly forgotten matters about his visit.

    He reminds them that he came them "in weakness, in fear and in much trembling". Paul did not ride into town on massive beast of a war horse waging war on the non believers of Corinth. He came in and approached them and spoke to them in a timid and small voice. We know that Paul has military background and in many occasions speaks boldly of the Gospel given to him so there must be a reason for him to speak in the manner he is currently suggesting. I think the next passage outlines the neccessity for the weakness and fear and trembling.

    In the previous passages we have studied we see how fear when used correctly can put God in the centre and remove us from centre stage. In this passage Paul is saying just that. He is letting them know that he was not a bastion of strength or a pillar of bravado delivering the teaching with eloquence and wisdom. Rather Paul reminds them of how utterly incapable he was and that the only way they received a message was through him by the Holy Spirit rather than from him. The purpose in reminding them that he had nothing to do with the message they received was to place God back in the centre where he belongs.

    Paul uses an emotion that the church can relate to, fear, in order to demonstrate that he is and was incapable of delivering any wisdom of meaning were it not for the Grace and place of God. How many of us when we share the Gospel do so from a position of fear or weakness? Is that a way. Your fear of doing say makes it that much more obvious that you are not the one speaking, God is.  People can relate to the emotion of fear and can appreciate what it looks like to do something you might be fearful of. Rest assured your fear is sign later that it wasn't you sharing the Gospel but the Spirit working through you. Blessings!

  • How Do We Come Alive?

    I am sorry guys about the lack of posting. Work has kept me pretty bogged down. However, to tide you over I thought it a great Easter time message to see how worship can bring us alive!

    Elderly Man Comes Alive after Listening to Christian Music from sand2rock95 on GodTube.



    No blogs until Monday! Get your Easter on and celebrate the death and rebirth of our Lord and savior. Why Good Friday? I will let Whoopi explain!

  • Does Christ Tell Us There Is a Place For Fear?

    fear, God, bible, study

    There has been alot of feedback coming in regarding the study on fear. Some people have had their eyes open while others are struggling with the concept of fear being a part of a Christian walk. As is often the case with starting in the New Testament people might suspect that in Christ fear is gone away. Today we are going to check out Luke 12 and understand where Christ says fear belongs in the Chrisitan walk.

    As Christ begins to teach the thousands who are gathered his first priority is to set the record straight and make it clear that what the pharisee are selling isn't the Gospel. He calls people to live a life aware that they are living under an all knowing God, a God that sees all that is done in the open and in secret. Finally, he comes to the part about worldly preservation. He lays it out as bluntly as possible to allow for no misunderstanding.

    4 "I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do. 5 "But I will warn you whom to fear : fear the One who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell ; yes, I tell you, fear Him!

    Seems pretty clear huh? But what is even more amazing is that immediately after he tells us what fearing the Lord enables us to do. The very next passage is an assurance that the Lord will be with you and provide your needs. If that wasn't enough the fear of the Lord is also key for sharing the Gospel. It allows you to share it openly without fear of reprocussion or persecution. That's not to say that those things won't come but it is to say that those things will come and Christ will be with you to face them.

    We have seen this before in the Old Testament but in a short single passage Christ lays out the power and authority of God and the value to having fear in the right place. I suppose all that is left to consider is...whom then shall I fear? Blessings

  • How to Face the Storm!

    Continuing in the New Testament with our study on fear we are going to spend today in Mark 4. Thankfully for most this is a commonly known story but often it is told as a reminder of the power of Christ. I want to look at the other folks in the story. Today is about the rebuking of the Apostles.

    We start with a calm little scene. Jesus and his Apostles crossing a sea. We know things are calm because Jesus can be found with his head on a cushion taking a well earned nap. Of course as is often the case, things don't stay so serene. All of a sudden gale forces winds and a massive storm strikes our travellers. This is the fun part! As fisherman they start to panic! They know this kind of storm could mean death for people on the sea. They panic and wake up Christ only to be rebuked.

    Now when faced with death one could logically argue there should be some element of fear in the mind of a sane person. However, as Christ rises and rebukes the Apostles for their lack of faith we are left with a question...why? Why is he being so hard on them? Because, once again we see how foolish men look when we allow our fear to cause us to forget who God is.

    Christ is more surprised here with the lack of faith in his chosen Apostles then with the looming storm. Just as easily as Christ rebukes his Apostles he turns his rebuking on the storm and all is well. The reason why I say this isn't a study on the power of Christ is this...his power is already known. It never falls short and is always in control.

    Time and again when we see calamities overcome people in scripture and in our own lives it is because of two things. They face the problem with their own reasoning and they forget about the authority of the one who is with them. Why do we insist on being in control? Especially when their is an all knowing creator who is willing to guide, lead, and protect us. Are there storms you are fearing? Stop playing the fool and know, Christ is with you!



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